Designer, Traveler, Baker, Wanderer ...  Leader, Gym rat, Builder.

A recent grad of Rochester Institute of Technology, I'm a New Hampshire girl at heart with a yearning for the new and adventurous. I have abandoned the moose and fall foliage to explore the rest of the world's offerings of views, experiences, and people. 

No matter my town, state, or country, I always find inspiration in my surroundings and happily share my experience and knowledge with those around me. Big picture, small picture, or anything in between, I'll embrace it all. 

Short Term Goals

Professional: Still new to the industry, but full of ideas and determination, I look forward to finding a company where I can contribute with my broad range of perspectives and concepts. 

Personal: I live life to the fullest. This does not necessarily mean going out and going crazy, but instead taking advantage of my opportunities and taking care of myself while constantly pushing towards personal improvement. I travel to new places, set physical and mental goals, hunt down new restaurants and events, find places where I can volunteer long term, and ensure that I take time to relax and enjoy the quiet no matter what.

Long Term Goals

Professional: I aim to have a positive impact anywhere I work for any period of time, but with more time comes a higher impact. Primarily, I encourage more environmentally friendly practices,  and a more personal touch when engaging with clients or customers. Designs should speak to people on a visual, emotional, and intellectual level, and I want to be an essential part of a company that reaches their audience in this way.

Personal:  Ideally, I will continue to explore the world, and integrate with new volunteering communities. I would love to extend my furry family and eventually my human family, both via adoption. 


Designer: This icon is a play on a pupil and iris, representing not only the visual aspect of design, but what goes on in the mind’s eye. There is a large amount of internal analysis that occurs in designing, finding the best way to convey information visually, and with an inherent understanding from the viewer.



Baker: I have affectionately named this icon my ‘wonky little muffin’. Rarely picture-worthy, my creations taste better than they look. Generally done after everybody else is asleep, I bake to relieve stress while maintaining mental stimulation. I rarely plan ahead and have the ingredients I need and must find substitutes for a good portion of my ingredients. 



Traveler: Having first traveled with family at a young age, I have more recently taken control of this part of my life. My curiosity and love for new experiences has driven me to travel solo by the seat of my pants to see whatever can be found. Yet no matter where I am in the world, I find that I will always find comfort by the mountains and the trees.


Wanderer: Because even when I am not traveling, I am always searching for new experiences and unexplored corners. A dandelion’s fluffy seeds lands wherever the wind takes them, and so do I. Whether I voluntarily lose myself in the city I live in, push a stray thought further into development, or simply take a new, long route to my favorite cafe, I will always be pushing outside of the realm of what I know.