College of Applied science and technology (CAST)

Having worked at CAST for roughly three years, I have taken on and performed a variety of tasks. From informal event posters, to school program brochures, newsletter templates, various swag, program mail ads, consultations, and more, I have included a small peek at the work I have done here.


Applied technical leadership brochure

Recently, a school within the college launched a new degree program. In order to give potential applicants an idea of the degree and its requirements, I worked with our communications head, the department head, and our college dean to create a brochure for the program. Colors and typefaces align with the pre-existing brand created for the college and school, and additional assets were found by myself.


Delegate Suite (2016)

Each year, delegates are chosen for the each school and the college. As this is quite an honor for the chosen students, a set of collateral accompanies their accomplishment through graduation. A large poster with all of the delegates is hung in our main building, a brochure with all of the delegates and their backgrounds is handed out at graduation where posters featuring each are displayed, and a framed certificate is sent home with every delegate.

The pattern shown on each piece is derived from a banner representing CAST which is carried at every graduation.



Ice cream social (events)

Through a variety of events which I create posters and emails for, the ice cream social is one that occurs every year where I am able to branch out and work outside of the normal brand.


Interim Branding

With a new dean and the college's rebrand still in its creative stage, we wanted to embrace the current colors of the schools, as well as develop a simple, consistent system with which to refer to CAST as a whole. As we cater to all schools within the college and work in a fairly fluid manner, I develop additional variations as needed.