Four graphic design students, one industrial design student, and one packaging student later, and we have the winning packaging for a new product.

Smaller sizes allow buyers to try a variety of scents without having to commit to a full size bottle. Stacking capabilities make for better shelf presence, and a smaller footprint for buyers with multiple small bottles. The embossed leaf shape mimics the original Seventh Generation leaf logo, while leaving room for information and soothing visuals. The leaf shape is replicated in the inset thumb tab below the flip cap.


After a progress review with the client, it was expressed that although they loved the concept of smaller bottles in addition to the full size bottles, it would be difficult to make a profit selling them one by one. This is when we decided to implement secondary packaging to group the smaller bottles together. Lightweight, unbleached, un-dyed cardboard with organic print dye was chosen to stay in line with the client's mission and values of keeping as eco-friendly as possible.