This website helps people to create and organize a user’s list of goals -future and current- and aid them in reaching them in a reasonable manner. From travel, to workout goals, to advancing education, and volunteering, a variety of goals and subjects are available for a broad range of users. Solutions, links, and partnership will be provided so that users are in the best possible position and have the necessary knowledge to fulfill their goals.


Web 1

The homepage has three different backgrounds that rotate as a carousel. Each background features a different overarching category with images of specific activities that lead to the activity page when clicked. 

The user's profile also functions as a carousel of sorts, rotating through the activity images they have added to their list (top) as well as the activities that they have completed (bottom). The hover-state of each image brings up options to delete, check off, or hide the activity from others. The bottom of this screen houses the user's friend list. Clicking on a friend's icon will pop up a chat box.

web 2

The Categories page holds all of the overarching themes for activities, and clicking on a category will expand to reveal specific activities. Users can click on the 'plus' to add the activity to their list, or click on the word to go to the how-to page for that activity.

The How-to page explains how to best start for each activity and includes links for places, programs, sources, etc. that are relevant to the specific activity.

Lastly, the DayVenture page allows users to enter a location, a time-frame, and activity type to generate activities in their chosen area. This helps to further encourage users to embrace the time that they have and pursue activities that they may not think of otherwise.

app 1

The app features the same functions as the website, with a few less frills. The home screen features a small variety of categories, which change at random. A burger menu brings up the navigation, where the chat is listed as messages and scroll bar to find specific friends.

The user's profile show the image and name of each activity on their list: tapping on one of these brings up options to view the information page, remove, check off, or hide the activity.

app 2

The How-to page functions similarly to the website, and the Categories page now features an alphabetical scroll bar so that users can find their chosen category more easily. The DayVenture page once again functions the same as that on the website. 

The bonus of the app (other than portability) allows users to take and upload photos directly to the app. Photos can be shared to other social media sites, listed as having checked off a previous list activity, or a new activity.


Placed in public places, these ads build up to one larger message. Each piece has the logo and website and can therefore stand alone.

These ads can function as a banner (shown) or separate blocks that once again lead up to a punchy message, but are capable of standing alone.


Clothing and bags for the guy or gal on the go, and collectible pins and badges to show off what you've checked off of your list!